P.C.Ho Theatre is the crowning jewel of the Greater Toronto region. The theatre, built in 2006, is a state-of-the-art 626 seat proscenium theatre.

P.C.Ho Theatre has an active rental service that brings exciting and unusual events. The beautiful facilities are professionally equipped and can accommodate a wide range of performing arts events such as concerts, dance, music, theater and other disciplines, as well as educational seminars, teleconferences and town hall meeting, at competitive market based rental rates. P.C.Ho Theatre has also recently become a popular location source for the Boardcasting industry.


Our performances range from dance to theater to music to film to corporate. We have been host to many City Hall events as well. For more information please contact the rental office. Some of ours performances include: 

  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Theatre
  • Corporate







  • 音樂
  • 舞蹈
  • 戲劇
  • 企業租貸
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